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The desire to feel and look younger is much sought after by many aging people today. It is not surprising at all because feeling and looking younger will surely make you healthier and happier, regardless of what gender, age, or race you belong to.


Surgery scar

If you are worried about getting a surgery scar that is unsightly and makes you feel ugly, you have to understand that with surgery there is always a risk of getting a scar because everyone gets them. However, the degree and severity of the scar that each person gets depends on the type of surgery they are getting and how much damage the skin in fact sustains. This can also be governed by how good the surgeon is and what methods are put in place before, during and after surgery to lessen the degree and severity of your scarring. Obviously, if your surgeon is new and has less experience, the chances of higher degrees of scarring is more of a risk, but with more experienced surgeons, lower risks are not guaranteed either, though more likely. Does this mean that surgeons are responsible for getting scars? Realistically, scarring is part of the course with surgery because no matter how good the incision, even a tiny scar will be left behind because the skin has been damaged through multip