Swiftly – the social network for car enthusiasts

What is Swiftly?

Swiftly is an app version of the social platform bearing the same name for car enthusiasts. The goal of the app is to let car enthusiasts from around the world gather in a single place to share their knowledge and passion for cars with each other in order to create a lively community. http://www.vsc.si/swiftly-latest-car-app-car-enthusiast/


Urban social

Urbansocial.com Urbansocial has completed more than 10 successful years on the internet. Launched in the year 2003, this UK-based dating site has grown unbelievably large over the years. Whether you are in Bristol, London or somewhere else, as long as you are sociable enough, this site will do you much good. The website has a large number of profiles. If you are a female, you will find many successful, hot and caring men. In case you are a male, you will find thousands of absolutely gorgeous, bubbly, and smart women. The thing is, in this site, everybody wins! Also, since most profiles are really detailed, including information about hair color, favorite movie, vacation preference, and much more, finding a match is much easier in this site; at least, compared to other sites that do not encourage the members to enter a lot of details. You will mostly find people from the UK, but there are many members who belong to other ethnicities and backgrounds too. This is a site which keeps track

Lulu guys

Lulu is a unique social sharing app for Android and iOS devices. The app was first launched in the month of February in 2013. Primarily, it aims to bring the privacy of girl talk online. The main idea behind the app is to let girls share their experiences, opinions and suggestions privately with each other in a secure online environment. At present, the app focuses mainly on relationships. However, the team behind Lulu aspires to cover aspects like career discussions, beauty tips etc. in near future. The app allows guys to register in the network, in order to be discovered and rated by girls they know, and who are fond of them. When a guy chooses to be in the network, he can get reviews from close friends, family members and other girls who know him. That way, millions of users of the social app can know what to expect from a guy. Interestingly, when reviewing a guy, the users cannot write their own reviews or remarks. Instead, they need to choose from a given set of options. That way


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RolyPolyLand is an assortment of social media and game focusing site which objectives young viewers and preteen. Supposing the identification of a Roly, a kind of creature with human like features, you can communicate with folks pass on all over the globe and get involved in various entertaining games. In this mystical world, you can do a lot of things. Then again, to procure them, it is important to join in things to do such as Brain contests, snowboarding challenges, swapples, fishing, soccer and even sessions to create his his wonderful side. Internet gaming is a component of joining players together. They are braced commonly in a normal system, in the same way as the World Wide Web. Players revel in the capacity of web amusements to join them with different players through multiplayer game and in incidental cases joined through single player mode. In past time, online gaming sites have focused on teenagers or the bad-to-the-bone gamers as their visitors, thus they have been succes